Friday, 6 October 2017

Our First Month of School

We have had a very successful first month of school. We will be celebrating our first month with a PJ and stuffy day after the long weekend. Students are invited to wear their PJ's and can bring a stuffy on Tuesday, October 10th.

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Friday, 15 September 2017

Week 1 Together

Room 41 has had a fantastic first week back. It has been busy! Students shared their treasures from summer and we all enjoyed listening to each other's summer stories.  We also have started working on our classroom beliefs. We were talking about what Room 41 looks like, sounds like and feels like. Follow us on instagram at strath41 to see more of our activities, learning and fun! Reader's  and Writer's Workshop Reading and writing in Room 41 has started. We have started reading the chapter book The One and Only Ivan. Students have been involved with organizing our classroom library so that they can easily find their favourite books. We have been talking a lot about how great readers choose books and we filled our book boxes with great books. We started learning about letter writing during writer's workshop after reading the book Dear Teacher by Amy Husband. Students are writing a letter to their teacher to help me learn more about their wonders and questions. After reading and discussing The Dot we created Dot inspired art. It was a lot of fun!  Math In math we have been working on representing numbers in a variety of ways. We can use pictures, drawings, tally marks and number equations to represent our numbers. We also have been practising estimation. We played the game target number. We chose a target number and our groups rolled 4 dice. Using E numbers we rolled we tried to make as many number sentences as we could that would equal our target number. 

Thursday, 24 August 2017


This year I will be using Remind to send out class reminders straight to your phone. Please check out how you can sign up below for reminders and class updates.

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Classroom Update

In Math we have been working on fractions through a variety of hands on centres. We will be moving onto data collection and graphing now.

In writer's workshop we have been composing poetry about nature. We have been spending time outside during writer's  workshop to collect observations for our poetry.

We finished our book trailers in book clubs and we will soon be sharing them on the blog.

In word work we have been working on pulling out words from our writing to practice. These individual word lists are helping a lot in our own daily writing and editing.

In theme studies we selected a Canadian  province that interested us to research. We have been finding out a lot about these provinces. We also used google maps to fly over top of  the  province and create a bird's eye view art piece of this province.

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Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Benefits of Student-led Conferences

The format of a student-led conference encourages all family members to attend and participate. The purpose of this conference is to reflect on your child's growth and learning this term. These conferences are to be kept positive and constructive.  During the 20-30 minute conference period, your child will take an active role by showing you work samples and projects.  There are many learning experiences and benefits for your child that accompany this format including the following:  active participation in the learning process, increased self-confidence, development of leadership skills, organization, responsibility for their learning, communication and critical thinking skills. 

 Benefits for you as a family:  a longer conference time to gather information about your child's academic and social progress this year, the joy of seeing your child present information and projects they having been working on, plus hear from your child's teacher about the wonders of your child's progress.    

 There will be 3-5 families in the room at the same time.  Each family will choose a table and your child will begin their presentation, just to your family.  Having other families in the room, aside from being more efficient, still allows for each child to be more at ease and also duplicates the sense of community we feel every day by being with our learning friends. 

 I will rotate into each conference to discuss strengths and goals for your child, and to answer questions.

Looking forward to seeing you there.

Student-led conferences

Strathmillan School Student-led Conferences are:
Thursday, March 16th, 2017 (4:30-7:00 PM)
Friday, March 17th, 2017 (9:00 AM to 11:00 AM)
These can be booked online starting March 8th at 7a.m.

Dear Families: 

We are very excited to inform you that we continue to enable you to coordinate and schedule Parent Teacher Conferences on-line using the Conference Manager. 

Booking Parent-Teacher Conferences on-line is a simple process that only takes a few minutes, even when you are booking for more than one child. 

To access the Strathmillan School on-line conference manager click the link on the Home page of our school website, or enter the following URL in your Internet browser:

Please note that there is no “www” in the address.

You can use the login information (email address and password) that you used when you created your Conference Manager account.  If you have forgotten your password, you can retrieve it by clicking the password link below the LOGIN button on the log in page.

If you have not yet used the
Strathmillan School On-line Conference Manager you can register for an account by clicking the REGISTER NOW button on the log in page.

Parents will be able to begin online scheduling on or after March 8th .

Please note that these are  “student-led” conferences.  Therefore, there will be 3 time slots that all have the same start time on the schedule.  This is because up to 3 families are involved in conferences at the same time and the teacher will spend some time with each family during the 30 minute block. This is a “student- led” conference so your child should be present during the conference time. Check out our blog with information on the benefits of a student-led conference at

Although the internet enables parents to book conferences anywhere and anytime they have Internet access, those families without access are welcome to contact me at 204-888-0148 or for help in booking an appointment.


Trish Richardson